Eduard Zoom Set for the Spitfire VIII/IX


SS 242


$6.95 MSRP


Hasegawa 1/72 Spitfire VIII/IX


Scott Van Aken

This set is listed as for the Spitfire IX, but since the VIII is basically the same aircraft, it will be quite usable for that one as well. Eduard must have given up on matching British Interior Green or something as the forward bulkhead that is supplied has no paint on it. I'm sure it wasn't left unpainted on the real aircraft so this one will have to be painted by the builder.

As usual, this set is almost completely for the cockpit with one part (an antenna mast mounting plate) for the outside of the plane. Most of the color on this is used for the instrument panel and those dials are really quite convincing. Even more so after one puts a teeny bit of clear gloss paint in each one to simulate glass. The belts are the later type as is appropriate for the later Spitfire, though to be frank, I'm not really sure when the Sutton harness went out of vogue.

A small acetate sheet is provides so you can cut out new glass for the gunsight. This is not a complex set and if you are wanting to get your feet wet with photo etch, these are a great introduction.

Purchased by me for your enlightenment.

July 2007

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