Eduard Zoom Set for the F-4E Phantom II


FE 231


$7.95 MSRP


Hasegawa 1/48 F-4E Phantom II


Scott Van Aken

For those of you who read my F-4C Phantom II review of a few months back, I used a very similar set in that build and it really added a lot to the cockpit of that build. This set is for the later F-4E and incorporates all the difference in the instrument panels that are part of that variant. The set also includes two styles of rudder pedals and some bits to place on the lower side of the interior bulkheads. A HUD is included as are acetate instruments. The Dark Gull Grey on the panels is really too light, a problem that Eduard has with its panels when trying to emulate the base interior shades.

Like the previous set, unfortunately, there are no side console panels nor are there any belts for the seats. The belts can be bought separately, but you need to spend the big bucks to get the side console detail panels, I guess. Still, it is worthwhile and for what passes for a pittance nowadays, you can have a very nice looking set of instrument panels for your Hasegawa F-4E

Purchased by me for your enlightenment.

July 2007

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