Eduard Zoom Set for the Bf-109E-4/7


FE 220


$7.95 MSRP


Tamiya 1/48 Bf-109E-4/7


Scott Van Aken

Like other Zoom sets, this one is basically for the cockpit. This set is for the Tamiya 1/48 Bf-109E-4/7 as there are parts in here that are specific to those subtypes and not appropriate to the earlier variants.  As this is an earlier set, it includes the redundant acetate instrument backings which you can use on something else as few that I know will use it in place of the full color backing section.

The printing on the parts is superb and really is something to behold. I have also found the paint to be relative tough though you do have to exercise some care not to bend it too much.

If the sets have any drawbacks it is that they never seem to get the cockpit colors just right. This one is a perfect case in point. Frankly, I've never seen a 109E cockpit in a light bluish grey. They have either been RLM 02, a darkish green-grey or RLM 66, a near black grey. Where Eduard came up with this color is a real mystery and while the builder could repaint them, I fear that some of the detail would be lost. The lone non-cockpit piece is a nice oil cooler grille for the nose. Despite the odd color, it is a fine set and one the you should consider.

Purchased by me for your enlightenment.

July 2007

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