Eduard F-105G Interior Set




$27.00 MSRP


Trumpeter 1/72 F-105G (01617)


Scott Van Aken

This particular set is for the Trumpeter 1/72 F-105G Thunderchief. There are two superbly molded frets that provide a number of replacement bits and pieces. First thing I noticed is that one of the frets is not only in full color, but is self adhesive. This should be something that will go over well as I know I have not always had a positive experience with super glueing these bits in place.

A complete set of instructions is included for the builder and it all cautions one to be sure the part does not get set down on the glue or handled too much before use. Thanks to syntax glitches, some of the advice is contradictory. For instance "The component will by (sic) permanently affixed when pressed into its intended location, its location can be adjusted". Ok.....

Anyway, it is superbly done with the second fret adding in additional tub details. The upper fret is not in color, it is just an artifact of the scan that shows the black areas. As usual, a set of very nicely illustrated installation instructions are included. Needless to say, this will require someone with a bit of experience and considerable patience as the pieces are quite small. Now one could easily do what quite a few modelers I know do in a case like this and only use a few bits and pieces that will provide the greatest impact. Whether you go that route or the full Monty, this is an excellent set and will add a great deal to the Trumpeter kit.

Thanks to Eduard via TC for the preview set.

May 2009

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