Eduard F-105G Exterior Set




$7.95 MSRP


Trumpeter 1/72 F-105G (01617)


Scott Van Aken

One can always count on Eduard to provide all that additional detail that a kit maker leaves off. Sometimes it even helps to correct inaccuracies in the subject kit.

This particular set is for the Trumpeter 1/72 F-105G Thunderchief. There are two superbly molded frets that provide a number of replacement bits and pieces. First thing I noticed is that they have quite an extensive array of parts, so this is not for the quick builder. There are bits for literally every exterior section of the aircraft. Replacement gear doors, wheel well detail, landing light detail, speed brake detail. New burner can interior, new gun access panel, a radar set, intake detail, refueling probe door, tail hook assembly, bases for the antennas (!), exhaust for the missiles, braces for the pylons and even replacement filler caps for the drop tanks, along with the popular 'more'.

Needless to say, this will require someone with a bit of experience and considerable patience as the pieces are quite small. Now one could easily do what quite a few modelers I know do in a case like this and only use a few bits and pieces that will provide the greatest impact. Whether you go that route or the full Monty, this is an excellent set and will add a great deal to the Trumpeter kit.

Thanks to Eduard via TC for the preview set.

April 2009

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