Eduard 48265


Hobbycraft 1/48 P-26


 About $12.00


Scott Van Aken



As I write this review, I find it interesting that I have never used an Eduard etched detail set. It is equally odd since I have about a dozen of them. It is then that I wonder why. Is it that looking at all those teeny pieces could be a bit intimidating? Possibly. Could it also be that I have never had much luck with other brass etched sets? Probably. Or could it be that I am a bit lazy and would rather use a resin detail set when given the opportunity? Undoubtedly.

However, I have known many people who do a superb job with these sets. When I make a box, it just looks like metal covered with superglue! Anyway, this set is specifically designed for the Hobbycraft P-26 kit. It basically includes a full interior as well as various bits and pieces for the outside of the aircraft. You get both P-26A and C specific bits as there were some differences, especially on the instrument panel. You also get the now obligatory clear film bits for the instruments themselves.

Eduard has another winner here and if I can get up the nerve to use a set, this one will definitely find it's place in my next P-26.