Eduard 1/32 Ju-87B Detail Set

MSRP $19.98

Revell's 1/32 Ju-87B is an old but still viable model kit.  One of its biggest failings (other than the rivets) is that rather barren interior.  Though the kit is not in a current catalogue, it is still readily available.  This Eduard set is really just what this venerable kit needs.

Comprising nearly 100 parts on two brass sheets, the set is basically an interior replacement, with a few exterior items. It includes fore and aft instrument panel inserts as well.  While there is no front seat replacement there is one for the gunners seat as well as a plethora of control boxes, ammo drums, knobs, levers, and foot pedals for the interior.  The canopies get handles and  mirrors.  Exterior enhancements include bomb fin braces, bomb rack replacements, radiator grills (the front one consisting of 12 parts) and wing step plates. Ther is a three page placement guide to go along with the set and it looks like there will be quite a bit of cutting and sanding required to remove kit parts to make way for the brass replacements.

Overall it looks like a good value for the money and something that will surely enhance the Revell kit.

Scott Van Aken 1