CyberHobby 1/350 USS Buchanan Upgrade Set


CyberHobby 3830 1/350 USS Buchanan Upgrade Set




Scott Van Aken


Etched Metal

Dragon has been touting its new 1/350 USS Buchanan for quite some time and it is a superlative kit. However, they left room for those who want to add some improvements, and this set does just that. There is one photo etch fret and two other pieces. One is a preformed radar antenna and the other is a small section of rod to act as the hinge for the antenna.

The fret itself contains railing, ladders,  and prop fenders. The railings are in several different designs and all the parts are numbered for proper placement. The superb instructions have photos of the model and the locations of each of these parts clearly shown, which should make things quite easy for even a novice with photo etch.

In all, a superb set that will really enhance your kit.

June 2008

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