Croco 1/72 Venturi tubes

Croco also produces a very nicely done set of resin venturi. These were used quite a bit by many WWII types and aircraft of the 1930's. You will find these still in use, mostly on light aircraft.

A venturi tube typically has a pair of truncated cones with an input cone at 30 degrees and the output at 5 degrees. These are used to power gyroscopic instruments such as attitude, turn and bank / turn coordinator and gyro compass. While many planes use an engine mounted vaccuum pump to do this, the venturi is an inexpensive way to do the same thing.

As you can see, Croco provides several sizes. The casting is very good and these are perfect items to add to a kit that is missing the venturi or if you happen to lose the one that came in it!

May 2017

Thanks to Croco for the preview item. Contact them at for information and costs.

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