Croco 1/72 UH-1 Nozzle Cover

REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin for the 1/72 Revell/Italeri  kit

In addition to doing full resin kits, Croco also produces some detail parts. In this case it is the upturned exhaust nozzle for the UH-1. These were added during the Vietnam war when the Viet-cong and NVA obtained shoulder operated ground to air missiles. These missiles homed in on the heat produced by the exhaust and by deflecting the heat upward instead of straight back, it was able in most cases to defeat these early missiles.

This is a simple addition. One simply cuts the nozzle extension from the resin block and glues it on the exhaust of the kit. A drawing is supplied to show how this fits in place. Though designed for the Revell/Italeri kit, it should fit any other kit for which the nozzle diameter is the same. The piece is very nicely molded and comes in a sturdy box.

June 2020

Thanks to Croco models for the review sample. Croco sets and kits  can be found via a web search or contact them direct at

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