Croco 1/72 T-6 Texan Armament (Pylons and Rockets)

Croco has released a most welcome set for those interested in the use of armed T-6s in various conflicts. This set is usable on any T-6 in 1/72 scale. The box photo shows a Spanish Air Force version that was used during unrest in Spanish Sahara during the Ifni wars of the late 1950s. These planes were painted either in overall aluminum or in the later brown/tan/green camouflage.

There are three Oerlikon rocket rails on either wing and the set also includes the wing guns and the bulges that were used to collect spent casings. The set includes a full set of etched rocket fins in case you wish to use those on the bare rocket bodies as they are more accurate. You are also provided with rockets that have molded on fins. A full set of installation instructions is provided as well. The internet has photos of these planes to help as well.

Well worth picking up for your next T-6 build.

October 2019

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