Croco 1/72 Soviet Army Fence Po-2

REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin

Once again, Croco comes up with something that I'd never thought about. This is a section of standard Soviet Army fencing that would be found surrounding some military establishments. This sort of fencing is modular and is set atop concrete triangles. Each section has a piece that hangs below it to prevent infiltration under the fence but still allows for small wildlife.

The set comes with six fence sections and the panels that fit under them. Sevel of the triangular pylons are provided. Once the resin areas are removed from the bottom of each fence section, you are left with a leg on both sides. These are what fit into the pylons with room in each pylon for two legs

This is a neat idea for 1/72 dioramas and will provide a great backdrop for a tank or other vehicle.

June 2020

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