SET: Contact-Résine 1/32 MiG-3 Super Detail Set
SET #: CR 32008
PRICE: $64.90  from Design & Marketing Int'l
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin, etched brass, for the Trumpeter  kit

Something I have been awaiting for quite some time has been an aftermarket set for the Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-3. Well that wait is over and the resulting set is really superb. Contact Resine has produced more than just a cockpit set. This set is for the entire aircraft and includes not only a full cockpit update with resin and p.e bits, but also has a set of resin wheels, replacement resin rudder and elevators, and a new set of flaps made of photo etched brass. If you have ever used any Contact Resine parts, you know that the quality of the resin is world-class.

Also in the mix are a number of smaller items such as a new radio compartment, scoops and plates for the outside of the airframe and new gear door and radiator bits. There are also new photo etch fins for the rockets. An added bonus is a set of canopy masks. It appears that either you are provided two sets or one is for the inside of the canopy. A set of instrument decals is also given and the instructions show exactly where and when to place these.

The instructions for all of this are superbly done. Easy to understand and well drawn conversion steps are given in color to make sure you get things in there correctly. These instructions are in both English and French.

The end result will be a huge improvement in the detail level of your next Trumpeter kit. If you only get one accessory set for this kit, this is the one you should seek.

You can order this set direct from Design & Marketing Int'l

August 2005

Thanks to Design & Marketing Int'l for the review set.

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