SET: Contact-Résine 1/24 FW-190D-9 Cockpit set
SET #: CK 24001
PRICE: $49.30from Design & Marketing Int'l
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: For the Trumpeter 1/24 FW-190D-9


The latest set from Contact-Resine is this super cockpit set for the huge Trumpeter 1/24 FW-190D-9. The set is a complete replacement for the kit offering and provides the following bits:

Resin: Cockpit tub, seat, control stick, instrument panel, aft cockpit panel, and both upper and lower instrument panels

Etched brass: 20 parts for the seat and shoulder harness, instrument panel frame and bezels, throttle and rudder pedals.

A decal is provided to be sandwiched behind an acetate sheet and the appropriate brass/resin parts.

Instructions are most complete and highly detailed in terms of showing what goes where. Included are a number of color photos of the completed set to assist in painting the various colors of dials and the like.

Overall, an incredibly well detailed set and if you have ever used any of Contact Resine's products, you will know that they are second to none.

August 2005

Thanks to Design & Marketing Int'l for the review set.

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