Cobra Compay


1/48 Testors H-43 'Huskie'




Scott Van Aken


Resin, metal, and Brass etched


The Cobra Company is well known and respected as a manufacturer of quality resin/brass update sets. Concentrating on helicopters they have filled a niche that is often overlooked by the larger aftermarket companies.

By far their most comprehensive set is this one for the Testors 1/32 HH-43, recently re-released in their Hobby Shop Only (HSO) format.

The Cobra set basically replaces everything in the interior of the kit. The instruction booklet is very complete and in color. It shows every step in an unambiguous manner, not only in the description, but using photos and diagrams to guide you through the set.

In addition to the full interior, you get numerous exterior bits including wheels, bullhorns and other goodies. Probably the most difficult part of the set is that you won't find it in your hobby shop. Limited to a very few sets, it is only available direct from Cobra Company, 3313 Pathway Court, Falls Church, VA 22042. Below is a scan of the contents part of the instruction sheet to show the amount of 'stuff' that is included in this set.