CMK 7073 Wellington interior set


MPM Wellington I


CDN $15.50


Scott Van Aken



When I first got the MPM Wellington I last year, inside was a small form that listed several update sets for it. Among them was an interior set and thanks to IPMS Canada and Sky Grid, I now have a set for review.

As with most CMK sets, it is a combination of resin and etched metal. The etched metal is used for the instrument panel, seat belts and shoulder harnesses for the pilot, radio operator and navigator. It also includes some small throttles, control wheel, framework for the turrets and belts for the gunner. The rest of the cockpit and radio/navigator's compartment are completely resin with no kit parts used. The resin parts are total replacements for these sections and the modeler also needs to remove any sidewall detail in these areas. Since new machine gun barrels are also provided in resin, these need to be removed as well.

As is often the case with resin sets, mine arrived with a seat back broken off and one missing completely as well as several gun barrels broken and/or missing. I wish I knew how to prevent these kinds of breakage from happening, but it seems pretty well standard for resin sets regardless of who makes them.

The CMK parts are superior in detail level to any of the kit-supplied bits so those who are really insistent in having the best for their kit will want to include this interior set among their list of 'must haves' for the MPM Wellington.

Review copy courtesy of IPMS CANADA and SKY GRID

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