CMK 3018 Interior Set


CMK Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)




Scott Van Aken


Full resin interior set

One thing that I like about CMK is that they produce resin upgrade sets that are specifically designed for several of their kits. There are those that think they should be included, but frankly, if you don't want to spend the extra money on something you won't use, why include it. By offering the sets separately, the builder who really wants to go all out on a model can do so. This particular set is for kit T35006.

This particular set is a complete interior along with a few outside bits as well. The resin is very well done and I only found a couple of  air bubbles, both in places that are easy to fix. In addition to the resin parts, there is a photo etched fret. Much of this photo etch material is for the various handles and pedals for the driver as well as a catch cover or two. 

The inside portion of the cannon and the machine gun are included in resin. You will have to add a piece or two of stretched sprue, but dimensions are given and shouldn't be a problem for anyone used to working with resin. There is also a replacement copula and hatch so that you can see inside. In addtion a new turret plate is given that allows the turret to be removed so that even more of your handywork can be seen.

The 13 step instruction sheet is well done and is more than adequate to allow you to complete the conversion. Colors are given for each of the parts and the chart on the back give Humbrol references as well as generic names. 

Overall, this looks like a great set. I do very few armor kits, but I'm going to be looking for the base kit to use this set on!

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