CMK 1/72 P-40 wheels (diamond tread)




$7.00 or so


Special Hobby Kit


Scott Van Aken

There are several aftermarket items that really improve the look of a stock kit. One of those is nicely detailed wheels. Plastic generally cannot duplicate the details and depth than resin can provide. In the case of the Special Hobby 1/72 P-40s, the wheels are particularly poorly done. This set of resin wheels will take care of that issue. These are diamond tread tires and as you can see, you are provided with two different inserts for the tires. One is a covered hub that was most often used on Warhawks up to the P-40N. The N model did away with the wheel covers to save weight and so you have the spoked wheel option. All are modern castings with minimal stub attachment points. What is even better is that these are designed for the Special Hobby kit and have its rectangular axle attachment hole. Though I'm sure most of us won't need it, there are instructions that accompany the set. Note that due to the rectangular axle attachment point, these will not work on other kits without some sort of modification.

February 2021

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