Teknics F9F-2P Corrected Nose


TK 48090




Trumpeter/Hobbycraft 1/48 kits


Scott Van Aken


The Trumpeter/Hobbycraft F9F-2P isn't a perfect kit and one area that it needs help is with the photo nose. The kit offering suffers from being too pointed, has the wrong overall shape, has the main side camera window in the wrong place and it's the wrong size and shape. Add to it that Trumpeter doesn't offer anything that looks like a camera with the nose, and you can see why a correction set is needed. This set takes care of all those problems with a new nose, cameras and window. The lower camera windows from the kit will fit with no trouble.

Like all Teknics sets, this one is superbly molded and if you follow the directions, will have no trouble. The instructions also provide a number of photographs to assist in getting things in there right. This set will NOT fit the Monogram F9F-5P kit. 

April 2007

Review set courtesy of www.meteorprod.com. You can get yours direct or have your hobby shop order them for you.

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