Teknics F9F-2/3 corrected nose


TK 48086




Trumpeter/Hobbycraft 1/48 kits


Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the correction bits for the Trumpeter Panther, this set is a corrected nose for the -2/-3 versions. Some of you might say "Well it looks pretty much what is in the box". Yes it does. However, the one in the box is shorter than this nose and the shape of the two small vent/ejector chutes on either side of the nose is a different shape. I did notice that this nose does not have the rivet detail that is on the kit part. Whether that is a concern or not, I felt it only fair to let you know about this.

As with all resin items from Teknics, it is superbly molded and free of defects. This is a direct replacement for the kit nose section so using it should present no difficulties.

March 2007

Review set courtesy of www.meteorprod.com. You can get yours direct or have your hobby shop order them for you.

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