Teknics F9F-2/2P/3 corrected outer wings


TK 48085




Trumpeter/Hobbycraft 1/48 kits


Scott Van Aken

It seems as if Meteor Productions is making use of its Teknics brand name after acquiring this group a few years back. This set is for the recently released Trumpeter F9F-2 Panther kit that will also be released by Hobbycraft. According to the instructions, the Trumpeter kit has some serious sink mark issues on the wings and the tip tank size and shape is not exactly correct. While my Trumpeter kit certainly didn't seem to have sink mark problems, the tip tanks are smaller than what this set provides. In addition, the set includes the open fuel dump section that is molded solid on the Trumpeter kit. Two sets of these slender tip caps are provided, which is a nice touch. Finally a set of accurately shaped wing fences is provided. A stout warning that this set will NOT fit the Monogram kit is given.

The molding on this set is very good indeed with no molding glitches at all. Surface molding matches that of the kit and the rocket/bomb rack mounts are also included. One simply has to remove the thin mold gates and clean up the area to make them ready for use. These are direct replacements for the kit bits. Instructions are first rate and provide photos of the actual area on the plane to help with your set.

Regardless of whether you think aftermarket is worth it or not, this set will cure the outer wing ills of the Trumpeter kit. Those who are interested will buy it and be pleased with the results.

Review set courtesy of www.meteorprod.com. You can get yours direct or have your hobby shop order them for you.

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