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CELO 44008/9




Shuttle nozzles and camera fin for 1/144 Minicraft kit


Scott Van Aken

  I thought I'd combine the review of these two new resin sets for the 1/144 Space Shuttle. They are designed for all current 1/144 Orbiter kits and are basically easy to install and use.

On the left is set 44008, which are the three main and two auxiliary nozzles for the Orbiter. They are superbly cast in light grey resin and are pretty much replacements for the kit items, as no instructions are given or needed. It sells for $7.99.

Next is set 44009, a fin camera, also designed for all Orbiter kits. Once again, no instructions are needed as one simply cuts away the area on the kit and replaces it with the resin bit.

As all Orbiters are a bit different from each other, I'd suggest having some sort of reference handy before using either of these sets.

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