Cutting Edge F-111 Plow II seamless intakes






Academy (and probably Zhengdefu) kits


Scott Van Aken


Though not a new kit, the Academy F-111 series is one that has always needed some help. Cutting Edge now produces a set of intakes for the later variants. These are Triple Plow II intakes (and jet boffins will know what that means as I don't), and designed to fit the F-111D/E/F/G/FB-111A versions. The set is relatively easy to use, but one has to follow directions to get the best results. There are two white resin intake sections (so you don't have to paint them), a pair of compressor faces and the additional 'spikey' bits for the intake. Two intake probes are also included.

Like all Cutting Edge sets, this one is superbly molded and if you follow the directions, will have no trouble. The instructions also provide a number of photographs to assist in getting things in there right.

April 2007

Review set courtesy of You can get yours direct or have your hobby shop order them for you.

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