Cutting Edge SR-71/YF-12/A-12 supre detailed exhausts




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Testors/Italeri kit


Scott Van Aken

This set provides accurate and highly detailed exhausts for the SR-71/YF-12/A-12 and is designed to fit the Testors/Italeri kit. It is a direct replacement for the kit parts and provides a set of seamless exhaust for your next project. It is molded in three parts because the colors of each section are going to be different due to not only the amount of heat they receive, but because they are made of different materials.

Like all Cutting Edge sets, this one is superbly molded and if you follow the directions, will have no trouble. The instructions also provide a number of photographs to assist in getting things in there right.

September 2007

Review set courtesy of You can get yours direct or have your hobby shop order them for you.

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