Cutting Edge F-16 'Small Mouth' seamless intake




$28.99 MSRP


1/48 Hasegawa kit


Scott Van Aken


It appears that seamless intakes are quite popular and so here is the latest in this area from Cutting Edge. This intake is for the Hasegawa kit and portrays the 'Small Mouth' version found on all F-16A/B aircraft and many F-16C/D variants as well. The set consists of a one piece intake and a compressor face for the back. The molding of this set is superb and one simply needs to remove some of the resin supports and drill out the landing gear attachment points for the nose well. As the intake is already molded in fine white resin, there is no need to paint the inside or the gear well.

If you can't find Cutting Edge products at your local hobby shop, you can order direct from the link below.

June 2007

Review set courtesy of Cutting Edge You can get yours from the link.

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