Cutting Edge 1/48 F-4E(S) Peace Jack Conversion






Hasegawa 1/48 F-4E/F Phantom II


Scott Van Aken

One of the more interesting conversions done with the Phantom II has been the F-4E(S) Peace Jack modification. This installed a very long range camera into the nose of three IDF/AF F-4Es. These planes were tasked with flying just inside Israel's borders and photographing installations in neighboring countries. Flying at altitude the range that could be covered was considerable and though one aircraft was lost in ops, the others carried on this reconnaissance for many years, only recently being retired.

This set from Cutting Edge is simplicity in itself. One simply cuts off the nose of the Hasegawa Phantom and puts the new one in its place. CE has given very detailed instructions on just exactly how to do this so there will be no glitches. They have also reissued a decal sheet with markings for these planes so you'll have decals to go with your conversion set.

As usual with Cutting Edge, the parts are superbly molded and should remove easily from the resin pour stubs. The result will be something a bit different from the norm.

Review set courtesy of Cutting Edge  where you can get yours direct.

July 2007

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