Cutting Edge F-16A Block 10 Stabilizers


CEC 48491




Any 1/48 F-16A kit


Scott Van Aken

For the F-16 fan, probably one of the most frustrating things is finding a kit that has the early stabilizers. When block 16 production got underway, the stabilizers were increased in area and the aircraft was known for a time as the F-16A+. What this did was cause all the kit makers who had F-16 kits on the market to increase the stabs in their kits to match this. This meant grinding away at the kit mold to increase the stab size and so the option to do an early F-16 was lost.

Thanks to Cutting Edge, we now have a set of small stabilizers so that we can backdate our F-16 kits. As you'd expect, the molding is first rate and thanks to the small attachment wafer, it will be easy to remove from the pour block.

I'm glad to see this as it will come in very handy. It is also most reasonably priced.

June 2006

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