Cutting Edge RA-5C Vigilante Correction Set






Trumpeter 1/48 RA-5C Vigilante


Scott Van Aken

This conversion set corrects the major errors in the fuselage of the Trumpeter 1/48 Vigilante kit and is applicable to both early and later aircraft. The conversion is not difficult to make and directly replaces the kit parts. The forward fuselage will need to be cut from the kit, but the cut lines are along existing panel lines, making it that much easier.

The set includes two full forward fuselage halves, a replacement upper fin, a pitot tube and new windscreen and canopies for the pilot and WSO.

If you are wondering why this set is needed, well the kit forward fuselage is far too wide, making aftermarket cockpit sets too narrow. The upper fin on the kit is also of the wrong shape, being too short and incorrectly shaped. When combined with either of the intake sets, you'll have a superb and quite accurate RA-5C.

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August 2006

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