Cutting Edge F-16A ADF Tail






Any 1/48 F-16A kit


Scott Van Aken

Every once in a while, something comes out for which I have been eagerly awaiting. This is one of those things. I've been wanting to do a proper version of the F-16A ADF for a long time in this scale. The Revell kit is not a very good kit and I'd missed out on earlier tail mods. Not this time. Cutting Edge has answered a lot of pleas with this set of theirs. It includes a complete replacement tail as well as the 'Road Warrior' IFF antennas and mounts. A clear bit for the fit tip anti-collision light is also included. About the only other thing the builder has to do is to drill out the area on the nose for the spotlight.

As a bit of an aside on the ADF, not all aircraft received the full ADF mod (which consisted of the spotlight, IFF antennas and the bulged lower fin section) While almost all had the bulged fin, some only had the mounting plate for the antennas, so be sure to check your reference photos when doing yours. Hopefully, this will encourage a few decal sheets to pop out of the woodwork.

September 2005

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