Cutting Edge F-16C Parabrake Tail






Any 1/48 F-16C


Scott Van Aken

This particular update set is an F-16C parapack tail mod. This will fit any 1/48 F-16C kit out there, which probably means Hasegawa or Academy for most modelers, though there are probably others.

There are three sprues for this set. One contains the entire fin/rudder assembly on a rather large block. However, the attachment point is pretty thin so removal should be easy. Another contains two bits for the end of the housing; a parachute pack or an electronics package. The small fin intake and pitot is included on this sprue. CE goes the extra step to wrap the pitot in cardboard to protect it during transit. The third sprue is clear resin and contains the lower intake anti-collision light.

Not sure just who flies parabrake F-16Cs though I'm sure there are several nations with the type.

September 2005

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