Cutting Edge 1/48 U-2A/C Cockpit set




$16.99 MSRP


Testors/Hawk 1/48 kit


Scott Van Aken

This set is designed for the old, but still quite nice Testors/Hawk U-2A/C kit. Despite its age, it is quite accurate and only needs a bit of help to bring it into modern standards. One thing that will be a huge help is a cockpit as the kit provides one that is minimalist at best.

This set provides all you need and comes with a tub, seat side panels, instrument panels, anti-glare shield, defogger panel and two sprues with control wheels, rudder pedals, fans and few other bits and pieces. Not shown is an acetate instrument piece. One paints the back of this white and sands down the back of the resin instrument panel to open up the instrument holes.

As with all Cutting Edge sets, you get explicit drawings and photos to help you in this endeavor. There is minimal preparation and it consists of removing some inner lugs and cutting away the old anti-glare shield. While no color information is supplied, I'd have to think that this cockpit is dark gull grey with the seat in the same color with an OD seat bottom and head rest. If anyone knows the proper colors, please let me know and I'll add in an amendment.

With Cutting Edge parts, you can buy with confidence in knowing you are getting the best.

If you can't fine Cutting Edge products at your local hobby shop, you can order direct from the link below.

January 2007

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