Cutting Edge OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Upgrad/Update set


CEC 35013




1/35 MRC OH-58D


Scott Van Aken

One thing about military equipment is that it doesn't stay static. This is especially true of aircraft and with the Army, their helicopters often undergo several upgrades during their active life. This particular set is designed to update the MRC 1/35 OH-58D Kiowa to a more current standard by adding all the upgrades that have been done since the Bosnian War. This includes a completely new doghouse plus a new Disco Lights mount, seat armor, some new intakes and a bunch of additional lumps and bumps that tend to pop up on aircraft.

Doing this conversion would be impossible were it not for the excellent instruction sheet that accompanies the set. Not only is there a step by step written direction, but there are also a goodly number of photographs of the actual airframe in the areas that are to be upgraded.

Review set courtesy of  Cutting Edge

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