Cutting Edge 1/32 Slotted and unreinforced stabs






1/32 F-4 Phantom II


Scott Van Aken

Now we move into the stotted and unreinforced stabs. These are perfect for doing early Navy aircraft as well as some USAF variants that utilized these stabs. There is no specific 1/32 kit recommended, though I'd bet it will work better on the Tamiya variety than the Revell kits. Hinge plates are molded in with the stabs on this set. Removing them from the resin pour stub should be a breeze, making them ready to paint and install.

As with all Cutting Edge resin products, the set is totally free from any sort of molding glitch, making these among the finest you can get.

Review set courtesy of Cutting Edge  where you can get yours direct.

July 2007

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