Cutting Edge Bf-109G-10/K-4 Detailed wheel wells


CEC 32147




Any 1/32 'wide wheel' 109


Scott Van Aken

This particular set is for those modelers who want to do a proper wide wheel 1/32 Bf-109. These wider wheels were found on some Bf-109G-10s, all 109K-4s and could have been used on some of the other versions depending on where the wings came from during a rebuild.

The set is most complete and is designed to be cut along existing panel lines. The set includes an upper and lower wing section along with  inner wheel well inserts and the gear door uplock mechanism.

Cutting Edge's instructions are very straight-forward and if followed precisely will result in a superb and easy to do addition to your next big scale 109 project.

June 2006

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