Cutting Edge F-105B/D Open Canopy Correction Set


CEC 32163




Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D


Scott Van Aken

Trumpeter's big 1/32 F-105 was a long awaited kit by many. It is also a kit that has a lot of inaccuracies. I guess that should be expected from anything that is really new, but it is frustrating. One area that didn't seem to work particularly well was the canopy section as Trumpeter made things a bit slab sided and missed all the curves. This set provides a full replacement for that area.

There are six parts to this set. One is a replacement fuselage section for just behind the cockpit. There are also two clear resin parts for the windscreen and the canopy. The canopy interior bits are provided as is the support frame. Basically one saws away the area behind the cockpit and replaces it with the bits in the set. As you can always expect from Cutting Edge, the moldings are second to none and the instructions are quite detailed, showing exactly what has to be removed and what goes where.

This set can be used on the F-105D or in conjunction with Cutting Edge's F-105B conversion set.

June 2006

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