Cutting Edge ALQ-71 Jamming Pods


CEC 32153




1/32 F-4 Phantom II (Vietnam era)


Scott Van Aken

This is a nice set that makes into an ALQ-71 Jamming Pod as carried by US F-4 Phantom II's during Vietnam and after until the ALQ-101 came into use. This pod was often carried in one of the forward Sparrow bays or could be under the wing rack. The kit itself contains a body, nose and tail cap, and an assortment of antennas. There are two varieties of long and short antennas. These were used in pairs and not mixed. You also have the option of having a RAT powered jammer by leaving on the small vanes on the nose. Conversely, it could be internally powered, in which case simply sanding off the vanes is all that is needed. A very nice accessory that will add that little bit extra to your next 1/32 Phantom model.

Review set courtesy of  Cutting Edge

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