Cutting Edge Bf-109B-1 Airframe Conversion


Cutting Edge Bf-109B-1 Airframe Conversion






Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109E


Scott Van Aken

We all knew it was just a matter of time before we had a proper 1/32 early Bf-109 conversion set. For some it has taken too long, but now the wait is over. This is the Bf-109B-1 set. Now we used to know this version as the B-2, but there was no B-2 variant as what we used to think of as the B-1 was actually the A version. Confused? Well, once you get used to their being a Bf-109A, it all falls right into place.

First of all, the molding of the parts is exceptional. No one else does resin better than what you'll find from Cutting Edge. OK, label me a stooge if you want, but those who have built CE sets will agree. The moldings are free from any of the usual mold faults one finds with some other resin sets.

This set consists of everything you need forward of the canopy and includes a new windscreen and aft canopy section as well, these latter parts superbly molded from clear resin. There is also a new lower center wing section and a set of flaps to go along with it. You can attach the kit landing gear directly to the new lower wing or you can replace the molded in wheel wells with more detailed ones. Your choice. Now, there is a difference between the A model parts shown above and the ones for the B. It is the prop and spinner. So ignore the ones above and here is an image of the B-1 prop and spinner.

Instructions consist of four pages of very detailed 'how-to' for doing this conversion. As you might expect, it is quite similar to the Bf-109A instructions, though does show you where to put some of the bits that were not in the same place on the B as on the A. This is not a conversion for the tyro and one really needs to have some experience in the genre before doing this. Especially as the Hasegawa 1/32 109E is not the best fitting kit in the world. However, by working carefully and referring to the large, clear photos included, you should be able to complete this conversion without too much trauma.

November 2007

Review set courtesy of  Cutting Edge

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