Cutting Edge F-16A Parapack Tail






Any 1/32 F-16A kit


Scott Van Aken

Continuing with their F-16 replacement tails, here is a parapack tail for the big F-16A kit. To my knowledge, only Revell and Hasegawa do A model F-16s and both of those kits are a bit long in the tooth. One could also use this on the much newer Academy and Tamiya F-16C kits with a bit of backdating and a proper F-16A cockpit conversion set.

This set includes a new fin base, fin, rudder, parachute pack, pitot and fin tip. The fin anti-collision light is provided in clear resin. As with all Cutting Edge resin, the parts are superbly molded and free from any flaws.

No instructions are included as the conversion is quite straight-forward. These aircraft are used by Norway and probably a few other NATO countries. I'm unaware of any decals in this scale for parapack equipped aircraft so if your company makes some, I'd be delighted to review them for you!

September 2005

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