Cutting Edge Resin Intake Set






Hasegawa 1/48 F-16 (big mouth)


Scott Van Aken

One of the most difficult things on a modern jet to get right are the intakes. If they are long, there is a good chance that there will either be a seam that is difficult to remove, or that the kit maker will take the easy way out and only have it go so far back into the fuselage and then have it end in a blank wall.

Cutting Edge has gotten involved with doing resin intakes and continues the series with these for the big mouth F-16. One of the nice things about the Cutting Edge set is that the intake parts themselves are cast in white resin. Since most intakes on modern jets are white to make it easier to see what may be in there, it means it doesn't have to be painted! This set consists of three parts; a forward intake, intake extension and the compressor blades. No instructions are provided as these are pretty well self explanatory. You cut off the appropriate resin pour stubs and then glue the parts together. They only fit one way! The forward intake section is a direct replacement for the kit part and you will have to cut out/drill a few holes to have the kit parts fit in place. Perfect for your next 'big mouth' F-16C/D.

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