Cutting Edge Resin interior set






Hobbycraft P-59 Airacomet kits


Scott Van Aken


This set is for the Hobbycraft P-59 Airacomet kits. It includes a full tub with sidewalls, seat, seat frame, rollover frame, instrument panel front and back, radio compartment and rudder petals. A gun sight is also provided if your version requires it. A nice touch is the instrument piece. One sands the back of the instrument panel front until the holes open up. Then the acetate piece is cut out and glued to the back of it. The back of the instruments are painted white and the panel back glued on. It provides all the benefits of an etched brass panel without having to deal with the etched brass. If you have a Hobbycraft P-59, then this is the one set that you really need to have for it as the kit interior is basic to the max.

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