Cutting Edge FW-190F-1/G-1 Cockpit Set






Dragon/ProModeler/Tamiya 1/48 FW-190


Scott Van Aken

This is really a Cooper Details/Hawkeye Designs set that came into the CE inventory when CE bought them out. Additions have been made to that set and this one is designed to fit the Dragon/ProModeler kit. It can be used on others with a bit of work. As you can tell from the image, there are choices as to which instrument panel set to use. Like with other CE sets, one set of panels is designed to be sanded away at the back for use of a clear section with instruments printed on it.  Unfortunately, on my example, only the lower instrument panel ones were printed. The other set is for you to use to paint in the instruments.  You also get a tail insert to convert the Dragon FW-190A-4 to an earlier A-3, but with the very nice Tamiya FW-190A-3 already on the market, one wonders why it was included. I'm also wondering why this set is marketed as an F-1/G-1. No mention is made in the instructions as to anything specific for these subtypes. It seems to me that it could be used for nearly any version of the FW-190. One thing that is somewhat helpful though is more of an ad for the product line, is a listing of all the other resin bits the CE offers for the 190. Personally, I think that this set would have been much more useful if say wheels, fan blade and a prop with spinner had been included specifically for the variants listed. Overall, though, it is a nice set and if you are seeking one for your next FW-190, this one will definitely fill the bill.

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