Cutting Edge 1/32 P-38F/G/H Conversion Set




$39.99 MSRP


Trumpeter 1/32 P-38J/L


Scott Van Aken

There are probably some of you out there who want to convert the big Trumpeter Lightning to an earlier version. Well, Cutting Edge has made that possible with this great new conversion set. There is more to a proper conversion than just changing the lower engine cowlings as the entire lower forward cowling is shallower on the earlier version. Cutting Edge has taken all the differences into consideration and provides you with all new forward cowling sections, new radiator sections (the older versions are smaller) and a new windscreen.

This appears from all the parts to be a complex conversion, but in reality it isn't that difficult at all. The Instructions are superbly done and not only tell you just where to make your cuts, but also have a number of photos and drawings so that you can see just what needs to be done.

Overall, a great set and one that is going to make your big Lightning just that much better.

If you can't fine Cutting Edge products at your local hobby shop, you can order direct from the link below.

July 2006

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