Cutting Edge Super Detailed Cockpit


32137 / 32145


$22.99 / $25.99


Trumpeter 1/32 P-40 B/Hawk 75


Scott Van Aken

You can count on Cutting Edge for producing what the enthusiast needs to really make their models stand out. In this case, it is a pair of super detailed cockpit sets for the Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B. This review covers two sets, which differ only by the inclusion of the flexible seat belts shown on the lower left of the image. You'll note that the fragile parts are now being taped onto pieces of cardboard. This is an excellent way to keep these bits from breaking during shipment and CE is to be congratulated for doing this.

The rest of the set is pretty standard in that there is the usual floor, sidewalls, seat, instrument panel, control stick, rudder pedals and small boxes that usually are found in cockpits. You also get two different styles of gun sight. Something one doesn't often see in all-resin sets is an acetate instrument panel. One simply sands the back of the resin panel until the instrument holes open up. Then paint the back of the acetate white and glue it to the back of the panel. A very nice way to make thing even better without having to resort to photo-etch. This set is sorely needed as the Trumpeter kit's interior is a bit bland.

If you can't fine Cutting Edge products at your local hobby shop, you can order direct from the link below.

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