Cutting Edge 1/32 F-18C Hornet (late)


CE 32115




Academy 1/32 F-18C Hornet


Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the Academy 1/32 F-18C, there have been a plethora of aftermarket bits for it. Included in that mass of stuff is this superb aftermarket cockpit set from Cutting Edge. Rather than go into a listing of what it includes, I'll just say that it is a total replacement for the Academy kit. It also includes the avionics bay just behind the pilot's seat, which is a nice touch. The instrument panel is in clear so an acetate instrument panel is provided to go behind that. Black Magic masks are also given so that you can paint the transparent CRT faces, and when dry, mask them so you can paint the rest of the instrument panel. There is also a section of fine screen, which apparently goes over the little avionics bay. Odd that it isn't mentioned in the instructions.

The reason this is considered the 'late' F-18C is that it is designed for those Hornets with the digital instrument panel and the later bang seat. Some modification of the kit will be needed, but the instructions offer clear direction on just exactly what you need to do to make the changes. A superb set for an equally superb kit.

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