Cutting Edge Multiple Ejector Rack






Any 1/32 Modern US Jet from Vietnam to mid-1980's


Scott Van Aken

One doesn't often think of things like this Multiple Ejector Rack (MER), yet there were few US Strike aircraft that did not carry this during the 60's, 70's and 80's. These racks were capable of carrying up to six pieces of ordnance and were most frequently armed with Mk 80 series bombs, rocket pods, or cluster ordnance. These were most often found on the centerline of most aircraft due to its weight and were used whenever more than three weapons were needed as the lighter TERs would be used in those cases.

This is superbly molded, as you would expect from Cutting Edge and includes the bomb racks, sway braces and all other bits you need. Complete assembly instructions are provided; both for empty racks and those carrying the ordnance of your choice. Sometimes the ordnance can be mounted directly to the MER and in other cases an additional rack is required and that additional rack is supplied. There is a difference in how this is assembled for each option and additional parts are given if you need a bit of extra length for the centerline racks. 

Overall an excellent add-on for your next modern jet build.

June 2006

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