Cooper Details 1/72 Fw-190 Resin set.

Set # CD7214. $10.50

Cooper Details was one of the initial big names in resin cockpit sets.  I remember seeing thier 109 set back in the late 1980s and thinking that this thing will never take off.  Boy was I wrong!!

I'm not sure if Cooper Details is still in business as Hawkeye Designs is selling sets designed by  Roy Cooper, but they are still readily available in better hobby shops.

This set touts to be designed for the various Hasegawa kits (the newer ones), as well as the DML/Dragon kits in 1/72.

Well, what's in the set.  As you can see, it is more than just interior bits.  You get a cockpit tub, seat, control column, gunsight, tail wheel and rudder on separate moldings.  In the resin fret are two instrument panel, rudder pedals, foot step, canopy crank, seat armor and storage hatch.  The brass fret includes throttles, belts, antennas and a few other bits and pieces. A really comprehensive bunch of parts.

The instructions are superb and include lots of diagrams showing how to prep the kit parts to accept the resin and brass bits as well as any modifications and additonal work that will really make a great 1/72 Fw-190.

Review by Scott Van Aken 6