Cobra Company 72-009


1/72 Academy Boeing C/KC-97




Scott Van Aken


Detailing Set


I wish this set had been available about two months ago. Then I could have used in with my KC-97G that was reviewed here last week. However, I was totally unaware that it was coming until it was too late to do anything about it. It would have been a most welcome addition to the Academy kit as it takes care of a number of the errors that crept into the kit. 

As you are probably tired of hearing, the Academy kit is very nice, but the airframe outside of the fuselage is based on the B-50. While this isn't bad, it is just that a number of items are different between the two aircraft.

This set provides a new set of engine cowlings to replace the OK, but not that accurate set that come with the kit. It also has new turbo-supercharger exhaust that are MUCH more accurate.

The wheels are also provided in resin to replace the ones in the kit as the later KC-97 wheels were not the same. There is also a new nose gear steering cylinder assembly that is missing from the kit.

A new underfuselage radome is provided as several versions of the C-97 used it and it is not provided in the kit. Nor are the fuselage lighting strips. Cobra Company has provided these in resin for you to add to the kit.

As with every Cobra Company resin set I have ever seen or used, the resin is top quality and devoid of bubbles or miscasts.

The instruction sheet is quite clear about what parts go where. It also shows what you need to do to ensure a proper fit between kit and resin pieces.

Overall, an excellent detail set and one that will make your C-97 or KC-97 really stand out.

As you may know, Cobra Company only accepts direct orders and no longer sells to distributors. If you want a set, you need to contact them via their web site. Please visit the link below for more information.

Review copy courtesy of  Cobra Company

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