Cobra Company 1/48 F-8 Crusader Landing Gear Set


1/48 Revell/Monogram F-8 Crusader




Scott Van Aken


Metal and resin


As you may know, Cobra Company does detail sets in white metal and resin for a number of aircraft. This particular set is just the landing gear for the Monogram 1/48 F-8 Crusader. Apparently, there is some problem with either the form or the sit of the kit gear and this one is designed to replace it.

All of the landing gear components are in metal, which is nice. There is also an early style nose wheel in case you are doing an early F-8. You get the main gear and the bulkhead to which it attaches. In addition, you get a two piece nose gear. There is also a single strut. Not sure what it is for. If it is supposed to be a main gear retraction strut, then I'm missing one as there should be two of them.

It looks like a very nice, though a bit pricey, set for the 1/48 F-8. Cobra Company also offers other F-8 bits for those of you who want to spent three times the cost of the kit on aftermarket bits!!

Review copy courtesy of  me and my wallet.

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