Cobra Company 48001


1/48 Monogram Mi-24 'Hind'




Scott Van Aken


Resin cockpit set

The Mi-24 Hind is the most well-known of the Russian gunship helicopters. Using the power section from their very successful Mi-8 'Hip' helo, the Hind is not only able to carry a very respectable load of ordnance, but troops as well. Fitted with a chin mounted gatling gun and stub wing mounted rocket and missiles, the Hind is a threat in any battlefield. 

When one first sees an Mi-24 or the export Mi-25, the first thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the aircraft. Unlike the US and NATO attack helicopters which are small and nimble, the Hind is basically a cargo helo with the gun nose. This large size is due to the different philosophies about attack helicopters; the Russians wanting a long range helo able to carry troops as well as the impressive armament, where the US wanted a small, nimble machine.

Monogram's Hind is a great kit with respectable detail, however the Cobra company cockpit detail set is just that much better. Molded in flawless tan resin, there are over 15 pieces including a full front and rear cockpit tub. As is a problem with large, heavy moldings floating around in a small plastic bag, my pilot's tub had a piece broken from it. Though it can be repaired, it would have been nice if the container would have been more sturdy to prevent damage. In addition, as you can see from the parts breakdown, there are a new set of 'weighted' wheels included. Only a few bits from the kit cockpit are needed.

In all it looks like a great set and its additional weight will be welcome as the Monogram Hind is a real tailsitter.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!! If any of you manufacturers or shop owners want to send products for review and building, please contact me.