Bronco 1/35 Duckbills for suitable Sherman Track Links




1/35 Sherman.


$8.00 SRP 


Scott Van Aken


Apparently for any 1/35 Bronco Sherman tracks.

Bronco has introduced this set of 'duckbills' for the Sherman T48/T51 and T54E1 track links. These items are added onto the outside of the track links to improve the tank's mobility over soft ground by decreasing the ground pressure exerted by the tank. Basically, it makes the tracks wider.

The set includes two sprues with enough for a full set of tracks. It does not include the tracks themselves. According to the box, there are extras included. A total of 216 duckbills are in the set. The back of the box shows assembly onto what I have to guess are Bronco tracks. Whether these will work on any track is unknown, but I'm going to assume that if you have aftermarket Sherman tracks in plastic, that these may well work.

August 2016


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